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    Plan a Meeting: Do you need tips for planning a meeting for your sales team, business, sports team or church?

    If you’re new to event planning or hiring a speaker, here is a list of useful tips for putting on a well-thought-out meeting.

    1. First things first! It’s very important to create a mission statement for your meeting. This will help you keep focused on the key reason for having the meeting in the first place.

    Make it clear in your mind what your meeting is for. It wouldn’t hurt to go back to your notes, e-mails and conversations that led to making decisions for this meeting or conference that you have planned. If you have been assigned as the meeting organizer but you were not part of the decision-making process, it would be very profitable to interview those who made the decision.

    Once you are sure of what the main agenda is for having the meeting, make sure this is going to be clearly communicated to those in attendance. It’s nothing more boring than having to attend a meeting, especially if it is mandatory, and not have a clue why you are there.

    2. In your your meeting planners checklist make sure you know the people that are attending the event. Equally important is knowing their state of mind on the day of the event.

    Will the event be on a weekday after work when everyone may be tired, or is it a weekend when everyone should be rested. This will make a big difference on how responsive the audience is on the day of the event.

    A good meeting organizer should do a thorough research to get into the thoughts and mindset of the audience, business industry or church organization.

    3. Now that you know what the agenda is and who is going to be in attendance, make the objective clear. More specifically what will the meeting accomplish; improving your business team performance, motivate employees teambuilding, improving productivity, company award ceremony, or maybe inspiring new creativity!

    4. Organize your meeting planners team. If it’s a small meeting then you may be the entire team. However, if you are a large company, sports organization or church; you will have several people involved in the planning of a meeting that will need to provide their expertise and input.

    Each meeting organizer should have the opportunity to include their expertise.

    5. Set your budget for hiring a motivational speaker. If you’re looking to hire a keynote speaker for a complete conference; getting a top motivational speaker can make or break your meetings success.

    With all of today’s technology, people are getting information in a myriad of ways and it’s harder to satisfy their “appetite”. Make sure your speaker choice is someone that clearly addresses your specific needs for your meeting and audience.

    When you decide on the budget of your speaker, make sure you investigate the choices you are considering. Ask for a tailor-made presentation for your particular group meeting and ask for a source of post-meeting content that will further support the objective of the meeting.

    Additional follow-up can include articles, books, motivational videos or even Internet training sessions.

    6. As part of your interviewing process, review speakers videos and other materials or examples of their presentation.

    7. Make sure to choose a keynote speaker well in advance of your meeting. Give him/her an opportunity to prepare a presentation that will do well for your group.

    8. Include in your conference or meeting an inspirational moment or speaker to reach your groups spirit. People can receive instruction and information that’s required for success, but it takes heartfelt inspiration to move people to “go from knowing to doing!”

    While motivational and inspirational speakers may be considered among the first budgets to be cut in this recession era, it may be the very thing that saves a company. A powerful motivational speaker coming from outside your business can provide the enthusiasm your people need to restore hope.

    9. Every meeting should end with the meeting planners and the participants knowing what the objective is. There needs to be a sense of accomplishment that carries the group forward towards the ultimate goal in mind.

    10. Finally, don’t sell your sales team or group short when it comes to booking a speaker. Even if your choice is not within your budget. Contact your ideal speaker that you desire for your group and negotiate. Many speakers have creative opportunities that allow you to have them speak at your event without you having to pay beyond your budget. You will be surprised who your event speaker could be if you let them know your budget, situation and needs! We hope this is a helpful meeting planners checklist.

    Make the decision now to invite Bob for your next meeting. Just go to the Contact Us” or “Booking Bob page to get speaking information on how to get Bob at your event. Also, call the 800 number near the bottom of the page to talk with Bob for immediate response.

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