When You Need a Motivational Keynote for Courage, Find out Why Bob Wieland Qualifies!

    Motivational keynote speaker Bob Wieland qualifies to speak on the topic of courage.


    Because, not only has he endured the grueling Clydesdale triathlon which includes cycling, running, swimming and rowing; Bob has MANY personal stories of courage.

    He has been battle tested as a Vietnam veteran who stepped on an 82 mm tank round while attempting to save a fellow soldier. The devastating injury to him through “the valley of the shadow of death and back.”

    On top of that, Bob has challenged himself through many other challenges that are too numerous to list. Because of his list of accomplishments, you might wonder if he is more than one person!

    But when you talk to him, he will tell you “I’m not done yet, it’s too soon to quit!”

    During Wieland’s extreme sporting events it appears that he always comes in last place, no matter how small or how large the field of competitors. However, if you asked those who cheer at events, he always comes in first.


    Because just like much of Bob’s life, all odds are stacked against him every time he competes. You see, that landmine in Vietnam instantly tore off both of his legs and almost ended his life before it started. Bob competes without legs and without a wheelchair. However, using his heart and his arms, Bob takes one step at a time and finishes the race.

    It doesn’t matter if it takes him four days, two hours and 17 minutes to finish among 19,413 competitors like he did in the Los Angeles Marathon. He competes and he finishes in a fashion that only Bob can do. Usually every fan joins in a standing ovation.

    Bob’s top speed on his arms is about 1 mile per hour as he uses what he calls size 1 running shoes, which are actually tire treads with grips to keep his knuckles from being rubbed raw as he pivots forward on his arms and swings his torso one step at a time.

    Bob also needs protection for his lower body as he scoots along on “leather chaps” to help avoid scrapes, cuts and the grueling heat from the pavement since he is so close to the road.

    Some would think it is an amazing accomplishment to attempt a marathon or triathlon without legs. But it’s minor compared to his greatest walk across America from Los Angeles to Washington DC which was 2784 miles.

    For his finish line victory celebration he went all the way to the White House and met the president of the United States at the time; Ronald Reagan.

    “Truly Bob Wieland is an inspiration for us all” said Pres. Reagan in the oval house meeting. The president’s words were few, but the tear that we shed from the presidents eyes was more than enough to be an inspiration to Bob himself!

    Bob’s extreme accomplishments might seem madness or a waste of time, but for him it is a platform of inspiration he has used everywhere to help others. When he goes to speak to individuals and crowds; his goal has always been to inspire life into those he gets to see. Bob says, “everybody needs inspiration.” This is the life-calling motto that Bob lives by.

    While so many people are enamored with reality TV, Bob is busy with living a life for real! Bob says, “when you are living life for real, it’s just more exciting!”

    However, Bob is not just an extreme sports fanatic. He earned a degree in physical education at California State University, Los Angeles and taught and coached at the school as well.

    His life experiences has been the platform to make him a sought-after keynote speaker who has shared the stage with zig Ziglar and other well-known speakers. It is no wonder that Bob receives standing ovations at events and is known as “Mr. Inspiration!”

    Bob is a motivational speaker in Los Angeles but is available to be your event speaker worldwide.

    He also speaks the language of Japanese and has been a guest speaker in Japan where he has been an inspiration for a myriad of athletic feats.

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    • "Bob Wieland is battle tested and battle proven. He's the real deal. If you've never heard Bob's life story, you are truly missing out. He is one of the toughest and gentlest men you'll ever meet. He is the epitome of meekness!"www.sammymaloof.com 
      Sammy Maloof, stuntman motivational speaker

      Sammy Maloof, Hollywood Stuntman, Speaker & Author,

    • "We didn't want to just bring someone in who has a good message, but someone who has lived it and done it.... He had the perfect message for our team."

      Fresno State Head Football Coach Tim Deruyter,

    • "A truly great American. He gives 110%."

      NFL coach George Allen,

    • "In my opinion, Bob Wieland is the comeback kid of all time!"

      Pastor Tommy Barnett – Phoenix First Assembly,

    • "Truly Bob Wieland is an inspiration for us all."
      President Ronald Reagan

      United States President Ronald Reagan,


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