Invite Motivational Speaker Bob Wieland for Your Nonprofit Challenged Athletic Events with Special Financial Arrangements!

    Invite motivational speaker Bob Wieland because he knows firsthand what challenged-athletes face. That’s why he goes the extra mile to help groups with special financial arrangements.

    He personally knows the challenges of competing and living with a “disability,” after having lost both legs in Vietnam.

    But he doesn’t let anything slow him down from living life to its fullest and will challenge your group or athletes to go the extra mile!

    Competing in the Ironman triathlon was probably one of the most grueling events for Bob, but he has accomplished many other challenging events.

    His walk across America on his arms which took over three years and eight months was a journey that you have to hear about.

    If your group is looking for a “quality of life” speaker for disabled athletes or sports speaker for any of your disabled athletic meetings, Bob would be honored to speak.

    Meeting planners for other disability events or charities that are interested in inviting Bob to speak can contact us and discuss any special needs that are involved to include considering financial arrangements for groups or nonprofit organizations that lack funding to invite him.

    Please fill out the “Contact Us” or “Book Bob” to get speaking information or invite Bob as the featured motivational and inspirational speaker at your next event.

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    • "Bob Wieland is battle tested and battle proven. He's the real deal. If you've never heard Bob's life story, you are truly missing out. He is one of the toughest and gentlest men you'll ever meet. He is the epitome of meekness!" 
      Sammy Maloof, stuntman motivational speaker

      Sammy Maloof, Hollywood Stuntman, Speaker & Author,

    • "We didn't want to just bring someone in who has a good message, but someone who has lived it and done it.... He had the perfect message for our team."

      Fresno State Head Football Coach Tim Deruyter,

    • "A truly great American. He gives 110%."

      NFL coach George Allen,

    • "In my opinion, Bob Wieland is the comeback kid of all time!"

      Pastor Tommy Barnett – Phoenix First Assembly,

    • "Truly Bob Wieland is an inspiration for us all."
      President Ronald Reagan

      United States President Ronald Reagan,


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