Bob Wieland Has Been Hired As the Best Choice for Keynote Speaker for Marathon Runners despite Losing His Legs!

    Despite not having legs, Bob Wieland has been the best choice for keynote speaker for marathon runner award banquets.

    Even though he doesn’t have legs to run on, Bob runs with his heart!

    Running marathons takes a high level of motivation and Bob has been a master of high-level challenges.

    How does a double legged amputee become a marathon runner and keynote speaker for marathoners?

    Because while others run on legs, he has run on his arms!

    He literally used his arms to travel America coast-to-coast. He is also known for having competed in triathlons without legs and without a wheelchair.

    Bob may not come in first place, but no one else has equaled the challenges that Bob has faced.

    If you’re looking for an after dinner inspirational sports speaker for your team or business, Bob will inspire you with his lifetime of experiences and will give everyone attending the meeting something to remember for the rest of their life!

    Walking across America on your arms has never been attempted by anyone else on the planet.

    Bob knows what it is to be stretched to exceed limits that marathon runners are challenged with.

    After Bob lost his legs in Vietnam, he has always “pushed the limits” to accomplish sports related and life related challenges.

    In addition to that; Bob has made three wheeled hand-cycle trips from coast to coast with amazing and unparalleled challenges.

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    • "Bob Wieland is battle tested and battle proven. He's the real deal. If you've never heard Bob's life story, you are truly missing out. He is one of the toughest and gentlest men you'll ever meet. He is the epitome of meekness!" 
      Sammy Maloof, stuntman motivational speaker

      Sammy Maloof, Hollywood Stuntman, Speaker & Author,

    • "We didn't want to just bring someone in who has a good message, but someone who has lived it and done it.... He had the perfect message for our team."

      Fresno State Head Football Coach Tim Deruyter,

    • "A truly great American. He gives 110%."

      NFL coach George Allen,

    • "In my opinion, Bob Wieland is the comeback kid of all time!"

      Pastor Tommy Barnett – Phoenix First Assembly,

    • "Truly Bob Wieland is an inspiration for us all."
      President Ronald Reagan

      United States President Ronald Reagan,


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