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Sports camp speaker, coach Bob Wieland Doing marathonLet’s face it, sports plays a big role in society and sports camp speakers and coaches are part of it.

In the mix of all the hoopla that we place on sports, the pressure on sports camp speakers and coaches can be intense and has drawn its share of complaints.

The epicenter of the problem is the intense pressure placed on kids. It comes from sports camps and parents who push kids to perform like seasoned professionals.

When parents want their kids to be super athletes, the pressure is placed on sports camp coaches and motivational speakers to put more pressure on kids than their able to handle.

There’s nothing wrong with challenging kids to be the best. But, it’s done in a way that is causing more disappointment among youth. It’s not producing good sportsmen and championship attitudes.

Secondly, when kids realize that the dream to become a professional athlete is not within their reach, they are not prepared to face reality.


We drive kids to want to be professional champions, but we don’t teach how to deal with reality and the agony of defeat.

Then parents place unrealistic pressure on sports inspirational speakers and coaches to produce miracles. The camps take the brunt of the pressure.

But for every camp-inspired champion there are dozens of kids who are second-best in athletic ability.

Adult leaders make this similar mistake in churches and youth clubs.

Kids are being pushed to be champions for God. We want them to be world changers. Our kids are being pressured to feel like they have to to be superhuman before they can even simply be kids.

Youth leaders are always challenging kids to change the world! But very few kids feel equipped to reach out to the person right next to them.

In result, kids are just more frustrated by the pressure placed on them by youth leaders and sports camps.

kids leave camps with high expectations from sports coaches and speakers. But after the hype wears off, they are faced with the reality that their skills can’t meet those levels.

Thirdly, under all the intense pressure, it’s very hard for sports camps to make the camps a realistic or memorable experience.

“If sports camps and parents have the right goal in mind, sports can help kids to develop greater, character, values, health and life,” as shared by YWAM youth camp.

Top Complaints regarding Sports
Camp Speakers, Coaches and Kids

Problem 1: Too much pressure from overzealous parents.

Too much parent interference prevents many speakers at sports camps from honestly providing an experience that helps kids grow.

Parents who become overbearing “hawks”, want the best for their kids. However, pressure on sports leaders limits the opportunity for kids to have a realistic character building experience.

While trying to make sure all kids get an equal chance, we’re developing kids who don’t know how to handle winning or losing.

The goal should be for kids to learn all aspects of sports. There are champions, good sportsmen and there are plenty of losing experiences.

Instead, many kids don’t gain the character to be a gracious winner or handle “second-place.”

Problem 2: Many sports personalities don’t make good sports speakers and coaches.

Just because someone was a professional athlete doesn’t mean they have the gift to motivate and teach kids.

Too many speakers with big athletic achievements lack the gift for inspirational sports speaking or coaching.

Also, many sports camps get tempted by the financial benefits and it becomes more important than the kids themselves.

Yes, coaches and speakers need to eat also. But kids also need to be fed what they came for. While kids want to be a better athlete, the higher goal should be a better person. Skills can be developed but it also takes character to make champions.

Problem 3: Sports camps lose track of their number one purpose.

When parents are getting more benefit and enjoyment in their’s kids sporting events, the kids aren’t really winning.

The same goes for the speakers and coaches. If they’re getting more benefits than the kids, the kids aren’t winning.

When you’re looking for inspirational sports camp’s, look at the character of the sports coaches and speakers.

As a parent, you don’t want your kid to experience the scenario below:

My boys are in their 30’s now….

“Both our sons were pretty good athletes and were on traveling teams (soccer, basketball and baseball). Everybody thinks you need to start early by playing on traveling teams to get those college schlarships.

There are a few who do. In our case, our kids were so tired of traveling every weekend, they just wanted to stay home and play in the back yard with the neighbor kids.

At that point we quit everything … It was fun for a while; eating out, staying in motels,and traveling. Ask yourself who are you doing this for?

Parents, it’s your duty to give your kids the best. Don’t get fooled by the lure of professional sports to be the goal. The real goal is making sure your kids have a realistic view of life. This will take them farther than any professional sports career,” as described by one parent on the “changing the game project.”

Problem 4: short-term sports camps don’t always make good long-term results

Parents have the ultimate responsibility to ensure their kids are getting the best personal development.

Too many kids are overwhelmed trying to play too many sports. You have to make a decision if multi-sports participation is helping or harming your children.

Some kids will be happier mastering one sport while others would rather be a “jack of all trades” and play multiple sports.

Parents have to help their kids to see the value of which direction would make them happier.

“Sports scientists or psychologist will tell you that in order to pursue any achievement activity for the long-term, children need ownership, enjoyment and intrinsic motivation. Without these three things, an athlete is very likely to quit.” According to “nowhere in youth sports.”

He also says that “Parents often forget to give their kids the most important thing they had themselves, A CHILDHOOD!”

Problem 5: what are sports camp speakers and coaches producing in the long run.

Because of the glamour of sports, many sports camps focus on athletic performances more than the person themselves.

They help produce kids with superior athletic skills but often fail miserably in helping kids with character building that is needed to live life successfully.

This subject was supposed to concentrate on sports camp speakers and coaches.

However, it seems like kids were the focus of the subject.

The focus should be on the kids.

If parents and sports camp speakers and coaches keep focused on kids instead of producing professional athletes, successful marketing and other secondary goals, the focus will be where it should be, the future of kids!