Top Complaints regarding Sports Camp Speakers and Coaches

Top Complaints regarding Sports Camp Speakers and Coaches

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Let’s face it, sports plays a big role in society and sports camp speakers and coaches are part of it. In the mix of all the hoopla that we place on sports, the pressure on sports camp speakers and coaches can be intense and has drawn its share of complaints. The epicenter of the problem is the intense pressure placed on kids. It comes from sports camps and parents who push kids to perform like seasoned professionals. When parents want their kids to be super athletes, the pressure is placed on sports camp coaches and motivational speakers to put more pressure on

How Do I Ask My Church to Invite a Speaker That I like?

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You’ve heard this speaker before. You wish you could invite a speaker like this to your church! Well, who says you can’t? Many times, Bob Wieland & Team Inspiration has received invitations from churches and even businesses because someone recommended it. So, how do I ask my church to invite a special speaker? Keep these things in mind. It depends on whether you have a large church, small church, governing board or a pastor who makes most of the decisions. First, getting to talk to your pastor or leader gets the best results. But if you can’t get to your

How Event Planners Can Avoid the Worst Conference Room Setups

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“The curtains opened, I looked out and wondered; why is everybody at the other end of the room?” For most conference planners, avoiding the worst conference room setups often comes after the fact. If you’ve been a planner for a while, you know that there are those who have had their nightmare experiences and those who will! Fortunately, Bob Wieland & Team Inspiration has avoided most of the “worst” and experienced most of the “best” in the last 45 years. But there aren’t too many planners or inspirational speakers that haven’t experienced a nightmarish room setup! “When those curtains opened

Problems to Expect When Inviting a Motivational Speaker with Disabilities to Your Event?

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You can expect UNFORESEEN PROBLEMS; that is, if you invite a motivational speaker with disabilities to an event and you don’t make reasonable accommodations. It was just last year that a 24-year-old wheelchair model named Chelsea Jay was to speak at a live fashion and beauty event and there was no ramp for her wheelchair to get on the stage. She had been communicating with the event planner for over a year and was anticipating the event. It was a horrible experience to say the least. But, inviting disabled wheelchair athletes or people with other disabilities really only presents obstacles

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Motivational Speaker in a Bad Economy?

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In a bad economy, knowing the pros and cons of hiring a motivational speaker for your meeting helps to determine the right way to go. It seems like the economy is falling through the floor. Businesses are hurting everywhere and are considering different strategies to turn around their losses. That’s why leaders are asking questions and trying to make everything count. If we invite a Speaker “in”, can it really make a difference? Is it really worth the money? These are excellent questions to be asking yourself, because if done correctly; inviting a speaker can make a huge difference for

How Much Does It Cost to hire an Inspirational Sports Speaker for Your Sports Banquet?

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It depends; do you want the short answer or the long answer? The cost of hiring an inspirational sports speaker for your sports banquet can be like buying a car. Think of it this way. Let’s say you want to buy a red Mustang. The base price is $20,000. After that, what options do you want? This is the way some speakers charge. You get the picture. Your, more professional speakers speaking fee can be compared to buying sports memorabilia. They charge by how much you value them. Their fees are mostly established by their past speaking history. Which would

Top Five Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Motivational Keynote Speaker

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It’s not the first time you’ve felt the pressure! Hiring the right motivational keynote speaker can be a difficult choice to make. Everything from your budget, satisfying your boss, satisfying the goal of the conference and other related criteria are at stake – maybe even your job. Bob Wieland & Team Inspiration speak to many event planners looking to hire a speaker for that important annual event. So we know how important it is to make the right choice. Obviously, you want someone that can relate to the conference theme and your group. But what are the top speaker qualities

Avoid the Biggest Mistakes When Hiring a Motivational Speaker: True Speaker Confessions

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Is it really that difficult to avoid the big mistakes when hiring a motivational speaker? It can be a horrible feeling! You break out in a cold sweat in front of your entire conference group when you realize your keynote speaker just laid a rotten egg. You thought you did your homework, but maybe you just didn’t communicate enough to your speaker. Anyway, the meeting didn’t turn out as you anticipated. You vow to never let that happen again! But how do you make sure? In over 40 years of motivational speaking, especially in the inspirational sports speaker arena, Bob

How to Book a Top Professional Keynote Speaker on a Limited Budget

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If you've been an event planner in charge of booking and hiring a top professional keynote speaker for your corporate events, this probably isn't the first time you've asked yourself: “How can I possibly afford a top keynote speaker when I have a limited budget to work from?” This is a great question and we have watched many frustrated planners like yourself take advantage of a time tested strategies. You can usually get the speaker of your choice that would make your event complete. Let’s jump right into the details! 1. Select Your First Choice Without worrying about the cost,

How to Invite an Inspirational Sports Speaker on a Small Budget

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You're the one who gets stuck with the task of how to invite an inspirational sports speaker and you only have a small budget to work with. Your team finally wins the championship and they deserve a good speaker for the awards banquet to top off the experience. But, as much as you want to reward your team, a professional kind-of-speaker is way out of your ballpark budget. Or is it? Yes, truly great speakers that have a profound impact on their audience may typically charge anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 per speaking engagement. But you don't have to be

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