Among the Best Inspirational Keynote Speakers: Bob Wieland Is Helping Many to Unleash the Champion Within!

    Event planners have called inspirational keynote speaker Bob Wieland one of the most amazing motivators for over 45 years!

    Bob has been instrumental in helping sports teams and businesses everywhere, to unleash champions through his inspirational messages and extraordinary life.

    As an event planner you want nothing less-than the best speaker for your event. You want a speaker that can inspire your team for more than just a brief moment. You want someone that can deliver a keynote message with the potential to make an impact for a lifetime!

    Most inspirational speakers have great stories, insightful illustrations and humorous pundits; BUT…



    Can their story go beyond just “Wowing” the crowd? Can they inspire attitude-shifts that LEAD YOUR GROUP TO TRANSFORMATION?


    bobwieland-thumbnai2lCan they address your TEAMS SPECIFIC CHALLENGES?


    bobwieland-thumbnai2lCan they inspire your team to behave like A CHAMPION IS INSIDE OF THEM NEEDING TO BREAK OUT?


    Bob Wieland has been called on by sports teams,  conference planners, meeting planners and churches to do that for over 45 years.

    As a professional sports speaker, I want to deliver a powerful presentation that encourages your team or business to go out the door believing you can defeat Goliath if you have to! ” – Bob Wieland


    “Bob is known as “Mr. Inspiration” because he leaves his audiences impregnated with the desire to go out and be a champion wherever life challenges!

    Bob first received the nickname “Mr. Inspiration” after walking across America on his arms. He took a grueling journey from Los Angeles to Washington DC, where he finished with a visit to the Oval Office and Pres. Ronald Reagan.

    He has spoken on the same platform with top keynotes like Zig Ziglar, while being applauded with standing ovations!

    If your team needs a spark to be lifted out of the “syndrome of mediocrity,” and be elevated to championship mentality; let a Champion breathe new life into your people!

    What makes Bob a powerful inspirational keynote speaker and why should you consider him for your next meeting?

    He causes you to reach within your own heart and challenges you to tackle the mountains in your way! And as Bob draws from his true-life experiences, he has a gift of inspiring you to think and act like a champion! Let Bob inspire and motivate your sports team, sales team or church congregation!

    Bob has spoken to a wide variety of audiences as a sports guest speaker, at sports clinics, as a team builder, business motivational speaker, inspirational Christian speaker, at churches, conferences, camps, fundraising events, corporate events, and business promotions.

    If you need to hire an inspirational keynote speaker in Los Angeles, California, across the country or around the world, consider Mr. Inspiration for your next event.

    See the “Contact Us” or “Book Bob” page for more information.

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    Follow These Leaders Who Have Featured Mr Inspiration


    • "Truly Bob Wieland is an inspiration for us all."
      President Ronald Reagan

      United States President Ronald Reagan,

    • ​"Since meeting Bob at the start of the National Vet Center program in Los Angeles, I became aware of a super human individual. He has taken his tragic war experience and turned it into motivating people of all abilities to never say no to being successful. I am glad to be his dear friend and brother-vet over the past forty years."​ National Veterans Foundation
      National Veterans Foundation President & Founder

      Floyd “Shad” Meshad | President & Founder,

    • "Bob has a message of divine inspiration for all !  His 4th of July message drew a standing ovation.  I don't think our congregation will forget it." HROCK Church  
      Dr. Ché Ahn: HROCK Church, Pasadena

      Dr. Ché Ahn: HROCK Church, Pasadena, CA | President, Harvest International Ministry | International Chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute,

    • "A truly great American. He gives 110%."
      George-Allen 95

      NFL coach George Allen,

    • "In my opinion, Bob Wieland is the comeback kid of all time!"

      Pastor Tommy Barnett – Phoenix First Assembly,


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